Lung Nodule Basics

Lung Nodule Basics

What is a lung nodule?

A pulmonary nodule is a spot or oval shape growth found on one of the lobes of your lungs. Pulmonary is a medical word, meaning lungs. Nodule means a spot on the images taken of your lungs that does not look like normal lung tissue or blood vessels. A nodule may also be called a lesion.*

The images of your lungs when the nodule was detected was most likely from a CT scan. The nodule may range in size from something the size of a grain of rice to the size of a walnut.*

The vast majority of nodules are benign and your doctor has to decide the best way to diagnose whether your nodule is benign or malignant.

*ACCP: What if I Have a Spot on My Lung? Is it Lung Cancer?

Current options for managing the diagnosis of lung nodules:

Determining whether your nodule is benign or malignant may include follow up CT scans to monitor the nodule for growth or change. Other procedures could include PET scan, bronchoscopy, needle biopsy and surgery.

Xpresys Lung test may help your doctor to avoid unnecessary invasive procedures and manage your nodule with serial CT scan monitoring.

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