Systems Biology

Systems Biology

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Changes in levels of circulating proteins are indicators of health and disease                                                                                                  

Monitoring multiple proteins from multiple lung cancer pathways

Xpresys Lung is highly sensitive to the presence of lung cancer through monitoring of associated disease pathways including growth, proliferation, lung inflammation, and oxidative stress response.

Biological pathways such as cell growth or oxidative stress response are perturbed in lung cancer cells, causing a change in proteins shed or secreted by lung cancer cells. These proteins then make their way into the blood stream and form circulating molecular indicators for lung cancer. The Xpresys Lung test has been designed to detect the molecular changes in proteins associated with the presence of lung cancer(1).

Lung Cancer Cell Shedding and Secreting Proteins

1. Li XJ et al, A blood-based proteomic classifier for the molecular characterization of pulmonary nodules. Sci. Transl. Med. 5, 207ra142 (2013).

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