Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Systems Medicine for Better Health

At Indi we believe that a systems-based approach is necessary to understand complex diseases and improve health. Our mission is to dramatically improve diagnosis and management of complex diseases by building advanced molecular diagnostics and creating new diagnostic technologies.

We seek to understand the complex biological systems from which diseases arise so that we can determine which combinations of biomarkers have the greatest diagnostic power. Then we build assays capable of measuring hundreds of proteins at a time, for more precise detection and management of disease.

Our end goal is to create large-scale systems medicine diagnostics that can gather a wealth of information – and then make sense of that information so that physicians can better diagnose disease.

Advanced Diagnostics Technology

We believe that technology drives innovation. Building the next generation of diagnostics requires creating new measurement technologies that will bring benefits to diagnostics – and to other fields.

“Blood is the window to the body.”

Dr Lee Hood

Lee Hood, M.D., Ph.D.
Co-Founder & Board Member, Indi

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