Market Intel: Liquid Biopsies For Cancer Screening - Far From Reach or Close At Hand?
MedTech Insight | May 14, 2018
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Lead academic author Dr. Gerard Silvestri speaks about the recently published PANOPTIC study about Xpresys Lung 2 validation results and implications
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Xpresys Lung 2 lances lung cancer
DDNews | April 11, 2018 | Mel J. Yeates
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Indi Publishes Clinical Validation Study Supporting Xpresys Lung 2 Test
GenomeWeb/360Dx | March 27, 2018
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This Liquid Biopsy Can Rule Out Early-Stage Lung Cancer
MD+DI/QMed | March 16, 2018 | Nancy Crotti
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Benign Lung Nodules Identified Using Proteomic Biomarker
Pulmonology Advisor | March 14, 2018 | Laurel Ranger
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New Method to Rule out Early Stage Lung Cancer
Technology Networks | March 13, 2018 | Anna MacDonald
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Indidx liquid biopsy test may lead to reliable early lung cancer rule-out
BioWorld MedTech | March 12, 2018 | Katie Pfaff
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Study validates Xpresys Lung 2 for differential diagnosis of early stage lung cancer
News Medical | March 12, 2018
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Liquid biopsy shown to identify early-stage lung cancer
Drug Development Technology | March 5, 2018 | Scarlett Evans
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Xpresys Lung 2, the First Liquid Biopsy for the Differential Diagnosis of Early Stage Lung Cancer, Validated by Study Published in CHEST
Drug Discovery & Development | March 1, 2018 | Integrated Diagnostics
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Study Suggests Indi's Xpresys Test Could Reduce Invasive Procedures in NSCLC Diagnosis
GenomeWeb | 18 December 2015 | Adam Bonislawski
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In Tough Diagnostics World, Will Ruling Out Cancer Be Good Business?
Xconomy | 3 August 2015 | Alex Lash
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Indi Study Finds Significant Overtreatment of Patients With Indeterminate Lung Nodules
GenomeWeb | 26 June 2015 | Adam Bonislawski
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Invasive approaches ‘overused’ for evaluating pulmonary nodules
CHEST Physician | 25 June 2015 | Bianca Nogrady
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Management of Pulmonary Nodules by Community Pulmonologists: A Multicenter Observational Study
CHEST | 2015. doi:10.1378/chest.15-0630 | Nichole T. Tanner, MD, MSCR; Jyoti Aggarwal, MHS; Michael K. Gould, MD, MS; Paul Kearney, PhD; Gregory Diette, MD, MHS; Anil Vachani, MD, MS; Kenneth C. Fang, MD; Gerard A. Silvestri, MD, MS
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Blood Testing for Noninvasive Assessment of Pulmonary Nodules
Florida MD | May 2015 | Daniel T. Layish, MD, FACP, FCCP, FAASM
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MSACL 2015 Sees Continued Focus on Clinical Proteomics' Calibration, Standardization Challenges
GenomeWeb | 3 April 2015 | Adam Bonislawski
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Indi Publishes Details of Assay Variability Controls Used in Xpresys Lung Mass Spec Workflow.
GenomeWeb | 5 March 2015 | Adam Bonislawski
"A very elegant approach...."
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Validation of a Multi-Protein Plasma Classifier to Identify Benign Lung Nodules: Journal of Thoracic Oncology.
Journal of Thoracic Oncology | 26 January 2015 | Anil Vachani MD.
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Early Interaction with Payors Key to Indi's Success in Winning Coverage for Xpresys Lung
ProteoMonitor | 7 November 2014 | Adam Bonislawski
"That's one reason major payors wanted to talk to us as early as they did," said Indi chief business officer Jim Garner. "They knew in May of 2012 the Affordable Care Act was going to mandate lung cancer screening be covered starting in 2014."
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In Short Order, Indi Convinces Insurers To Cover Its Lung Test
Xconomy | 5 November 2014 | Alex Lash
"It usually takes companies three years to get this kind of traction," says Indi chief business officer Jim Garner. "We don’t think anyone’s done it as quickly."
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Seattle firm attracts $47.25M for blood test that confirms benign lung modules
FierceDiagnostics | 29 April 2014 | Mark Hollmer
“It's an impressive round of financing for a diagnostics company, and perhaps speaks to its novel approach: Indi's Xpresys Lung test is designed to spot lung nodules most likely to be benign."

Indi Reels In $47M to Push Launch Of Lung Cancer Diagnostic
Xconomy | 29 April 2014 | Alex Lash
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At MSACL 2014, Advances in MS-based Clinical Proteomics Draws Increased Scrutiny of Field's Methods
ProteoMonitor | 7 March 2014 | Adam Bonislawski
“Integrated Diagnostics launched its Xpresys Lung test, the first multiplexed proteomic test to go to market using multiple-reaction monitoring mass spec on a triple quadrupole instrument."
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Cancer Genomics Enters a New Era
GEN Magazine | 1 February 2014 | MaryAnn Labant
“In the end, proteins are the biomarkers closest to the biological action." Dr. Lee Hood, Co-Founder, Indi
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New blood test designed to help doctors identify benign lung nodules is available today
The Plain Dealer | 28 October 2013 | Angela Townsend
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Blood Test Detects Lung Cancer
Cancer Network (Home of the journal Oncology) | 22 October 2013 | Anna Azvolinsky, PhD
“These studies suggest that Indi’s technology is capable of detecting the molecular signature of lung cancer by measuring the presence of multiple proteins in a patient’s blood." Dr. Paul Kearney, CSO, Indi
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Blood Test May Tell If Lung Nodule Is Cancerous or Benign
U.S. News & World Report | 16 October 2013
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Blood test may help spot early lung cancers
Agence France-Presse | 16 October 2013
"We believe this technology, when applied to a commercial protein expression test, will be of tremendous interest to pulmonologists." Dr. Albert A. Luderer, CEO, Indi

Seattle firm’s diagnostic tool could prevent unneeded lung biopsies
Puget Sounds Business Journal | 16 October 2013 | Valerie Bauman
"This study suggests the tremendous power of using systems biology and bioinformatics to better understand health and disease." Dr. Lee Hood, Co-Founder, Indi
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Cancer tests in the news: blood test for lung cancer in works
The Plain Dealer | 16 October 2013
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Blood-Based Protein Test May Distinguish Between Malignant and Benign Lung Nodules
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News | 16 October 2013
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InDi Spinoff Gets $1.5M, Aims to Beat Antibodies in Diagnostics
Xconomy | 20 September 2013 | Luke Timmerman
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Integrated Diagnostics Launches Spin-out Indi Molecular to Commercialize PCC Reagents
ProteoMonitor / GenomeWeb | 20 September 2013 | Adam Bonislawski
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Slow Sales Leave Some Proteomics Dx Firms Questioning Value of Large Clinical Lab Deals
ProteoMonitor / GenomeWeb | June 28, 2013 | Adam Bonislawski
"We believe novel tests require a sales team that has the knowledge and training to act as ambassadors for new technology." James Garner, CBO, Indi
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Indi Hires Bencich and Tonachio
GenomeWeb | 8 March 2013
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Obama honors biotech pioneer Lee Hood
Puget Sound Business Journal | 4 January 2013 | Patti Payne
“Dr. Leroy ‘Lee’ Hood, co-founder and president of the Seattle-based Institute for Systems Biology, has been chosen to receive the highest award bestowed upon scientists by the United States government: the National Medal of Science.” Full Article [subscription required]

InDi Unit Looks to Take PET Imaging ‘From Black & White to Technicolor’
Xconomy | 13 June 2012 | Luke Timmerman
“This is like going from black and white with no sound to Technicolor and surround sound. It’s big.” Dr. Albert A Luderer, CEO, Integrated Diagnostics. Full Article

InDi, Lee Hood’s Vision for Spotting Cancer in Blood, Snags $10M
Xconomy | 22 February 2012 | Luke Timmerman
“If we hit our objective, by launching the product this time next year, it will be one of the fastest-from-scratch stories in the venture space we’ve seen in some time,” says Dr. Albert A Luderer, CEO, Integrated Diagnostics. Full Article

InDi Named One of The Top 50 Most Innovative Companies by Technology Review / MIT
Technology Review | 22 February 2012 | Full Article

Caltech, Integrated Diagnostics Win $500K from Gates Foundation to Build Point-of-Care HIV Test
ProteoMonitor / GenomeWeb | 23 December 2011 | Adam Bonislawski
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Integrated Diagnostics Taking Aim at In Vivo Imaging, Therapeutics Markets with New PCC Reagents
ProteoMonitor / GenomeWeb | 28 October 2011 | Adam Bonislawski
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Integrated Diagnostics Appoints Jay Moyes To Board
VentureWire Lifescience | 9 March 2011
“…former Myriad Genetics Chief Financial Officer Jay Moyes has joined the company’s board as an independent director….”

Integrated Diagnostics Hires Fang As Med Chief
VentureWire Lifescience | 26 January 2011
“Integrated Diagnostics Inc. said Dr. Kenneth C. Fang has been named its chief medical officer and vice president of translational research and clinical development….”

Gregory Critchfield Joins Integrated Diagnostics’ Board
VentureWire Lifescience | 5 October 2010
“Integrated Diagnostics Inc. said Dr. Gregory Critchfield, former president of Myriad Genetic Laboratories Inc., has been named as an independent director….”

Blood-based proteomic tests to detect early stage disease
BioCentury | 4 October 2010 | Chris Cain
“The company initially plans to translate its extensive academic partnerships into clinical tests for lung cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, where current diagnostic procedures are inadequate, invasive or impractical….” Full Article [subscription required]

Integrated Diagnostics Takes Proteomic Approach
BioWorld | 20 August 2010 | Cathy Hollingsworth
Dr. Albert A Luderer, CEO, Integrated Diagnostics, speaks to BioWorld about the company’s proteomic approach to diagnostics and plans for the future. Full Article [subscription required]

Integrated Diagnostics Secures $10M for Clinical Feasibility Studies for Lung Cancer, AD Biomarkers
ProteoMonitor / GenomeWeb | 6 August 2010 | Adam Bonislawski
“The company next year plans to launch a 1,000-patient verification trial for its lung cancer protein biomarker panel, with trials for its Alzheimer’s disease panel likely to follow, said an official….” Full Article [subscription required]

New VC Firm BioTechCube Hurries Up To Launch With First Investment
VentureWire / Dow Jones | 23 July 2010 | Sari Krieger
Integrated Diagnostics’ board member Patrizia Luchetta talks about BTC Luxembourg’s first investment.

Integrated Diagnostics, Leroy Hood’s Latest Startup, Pockets $10M After Hitting Early Goals
Xconomy| 22 July 2010 | Luke Timmerman
“Integrated Diagnostics has done what it told its investors it would do.…“ Full Article

Integrated Diagnostics Raises $10M to Further Develop MDx Tests
GenomeWeb Daily News | 22 July 2010
“NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – Integrated Diagnostics, which is using genomics and proteomics technologies to develop molecular diagnostics tests, announced today it has raised $10 million in a second tranche of its Series A financing round …” Full Article

Leroy Hood’s Integrated Diagnostics raises $10 million
TechFlash | 22 July 2010 | John Cook
“Biotech pioneer Leroy Hood’s new startup company, Integrated Diagnostics, has pulled in an additional $10 million in funding as part of its previously announced series A financing deal….” Full Article

Integrated Diagnostics Names Former BioTrove Chief as CEO
VentureWire Lifescience | 30 March 2010
“Personalized diagnostics company Integrated Diagnostics Inc. said Dr. Albert Luderer has been named chief executive….”

Leroy Hood’s Integrated Diagnostics taps a new CEO
TechFlash | 29 March 2010 | John Cook
“Leroy Hood’s Integrated Diagnostics already has big financial backers behind it, launching last fall with more than $30 million in funding from InterWest Partners, The Wellcome Trust and dievini Hopp Biotech. Now, the company is bringing on board a new CEO to help push the startup forward….” Full Article

Lee Hood’s Startup for Personalized Medicine, Integrated Diagnostics, Hires First CEO
Xconomy | 29 March 2010 | Luke Timmerman
“Integrated Diagnostics, the Seattle-based company seeking to carry out biotech pioneer Leroy Hood’s vision for personalized medicine, has hired its first CEO….” Full Article

Blood Test Offers More Accurate Picture of Health
Technology Review | 21 October 2009 | Katherine Bourzac
With $30 million in recent financing, a Seattle-based company has launched operations to develop and market inexpensive tests for thousands of blood proteins, offering a comprehensive picture of the health of all the body’s organs. Full Article

Diagnostics startup raises $30 million
Private Equity Week | 19 October 2009 | Alexander Haislip
Dr. Paul Kearney, discusses Integrated Diagnostic’s launch, plans for development and partnerships.

Lee Hood’s Firm to Use Proteomics, Other Technologies to Develop Diagnostic Tools
ProteoMonitor / GenomeWeb | 16 October 2009 | Tony Fong
”What we’ve tried to do at Integrated Diagnostics is say: ‘What are the best technologies out there right now for bringing a proteomics-based diagnostic to market, and what are the components that you need?’” – Paul Kearney tells ProteoMonitor. Full Article [subscription required]

Integrated Diagnostics raises $30 million
BioCentury | October 14, 2009
“Integrated Diagnostics (Seattle, Wash.) raised $30 million in a series A round led by InterWest Partners. The Wellcome Trust and dievini Hopp BioTech also participated….”

Integrated Diagnostics Launches With $30M, Help From Luxembourg
VentureWire Lifescience | 14 October 2009 | Jonathan Matsey
“In a deal stemming from technology developed by an Amgen Inc. founder and a research collaboration with the European microstate of Luxembourg, Integrated Diagnostics Inc. said it has raised $30 million in Series A funding to complete its research and development….” Full Article [subscription required]

Lee Hood’s New Company Snags $30M to Spot Cancer and Alzheimer’s in Early Days
Xconomy | 14 October 2009 | Luke Timmerman
“Lee Hood, the legendary researcher and entrepreneur who invented machines that made the Human Genome Project possible, has secured $30 million in venture capital for a startup that aims to detect cancer and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s in their earliest and most treatable stages….” Full Article

Lee Hood’s New Personalized Dx Firm Launches with $30M in Funding
Pharmacogenomics Reporter / GenomeWeb | 14 October 2009 | Turna Ray
“A new startup founded by personalized medicine advocate Leroy Hood will focus on decreasing the cost and time it takes to develop diagnostics that are based on organ-specific biomarkers, according to Hood….” Full Article [subscription required]

New Leroy Hood startup raises $30 million in financing
Tech Flash | 14 October 2009 | John Cook
“…the famed biotechnology pioneer is pulling back the covers on the company and officially announcing more than $30 milling in funding from InterWest Partners, The Wellcome Trust and dievini Hopp Biotech Holding….” Full Article

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