Addressing Unmet Diagnostic Needs

Redefining diagnostics requires innovation on several fronts: informatics & analysis, new technology, and collaboration across disciplines. This is our strategy:

1. Emphasize Analysis & Biomarker Selection

We focus our resources on using sophisticated analysis to select the right combination of biomarkers that act as the best “team” to diagnose disease.

2. One Platform: Mass Spectrometry

We’ve selected one platform, MRM (multiple reaction monitoring mass spectrometry), that allows us to go from discovery to verification, validation and beyond, with “no loss in translation.” Loss is what happens when biomarker data discovered using one technology platform cannot be developed further on another platform.

3. Create Technology That Drives Innovation

We’re working with our partners to develop new technologies – including proprietary applications of MRM mass spectrometry – that allow us to quickly and cost effectively create assays that can measure hundreds of proteins simultaneously. Casting a wider net allows us to isolate the biomarkers with the greatest clinical relevancy.

4. Elevate Proteomics to the Scale of Genomics

To gain comprehensive, systems level knowledge, we conduct a whole proteome scan, evaluating every organ and disease specific protein for their diagnostic power. We focus on diseases that will benefit from a blood-based diagnostic – ones that are not well served by genetic or tissue-based diagnostics.

5. Build a New Diagnostics Ecosystem & Execute

We believe our strongest asset is our ability to bring together the right people – pioneering scientists & experienced executives, visionary investors & technology innovators, plus many more – to execute our mission of creating a new generation of diagnostics.

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