Diagnostics Development: A New Approach

Indi is creating large-scale, blood-based molecular diagnostics that leverage advances in proteomics to better diagnose complex diseases. The company was co-founded by Dr. Lee Hood to develop diagnostics and measurement technologies capable of measuring hundreds of biomarkers simultaneously, for improved diagnosis and more accurate management of complex diseases like lung cancer.

A Systems Biology View

Diagnostics development at Indi is conceptually based on a systems biology view of disease – one where pathophysiology arises from disease-perturbed networks of proteins, genes and other molecules. By aiming to understand the whole system – and make sense out of a wealth of new proteomic information – we are creating diagnostics capable of measuring disease with greater precision.

Center of a Diagnostics Ecosystem

Indi is at the center of a unique network of scientists, partners and investors who share a vision for molecular diagnostics. Our work is based on intellectual property developed by our founders at the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) and Caltech.

Indi’s investors include InterWest Partners and The Wellcome Trust.

“For years diagnostics development has meant investigating just a few biomarkers at a time. Now Indi has brought together the technology, data and people to create diagnostics that are two orders of magnitude larger – to gain a systems view of health and disease.”

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