Arnold Oronsky

Arnold Oronsky

Arnold Oronsky, Ph.D.

General Partner, InterWest Partners

Arnold L. Oronsky, Ph.D., has been with InterWest’s life sciences team since 1994. He is a board member of the following life science companies: Dynavax Technologies (“DVAX”), Amplimmune, Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation (AGTC), Arcion, Drais Pharmaceuticals, Indi, MacroGenics, RadioRx and United States Diagnostic Standards Corp. (USDS).

As a Ph.D. in immunology and senior lecturer at the Department of Medicine at Johns Hopkins Medical School, Dr. Oronsky brings a deep understanding of medical research to finding and investing in successful life sciences companies.

Prior to joining InterWest, Dr. Oronsky was vice president for discovery research of the Lederle Laboratories division of American Cyanamid Company where he directed the research for new drugs.

Dr. Oronsky received a Ph.D. in immunology from Columbia University and has published more than 125 articles in scientific journals.

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